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Who's who    
 Headteacher - Ms T Shrestha    

Deputy Headteacher / Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr J Colvin

 Deputy Headteacher - Mrs R Boyce  
Mrs M Bester - Assistant Headteacher/Year 2 Teacher  Miss R Pickering - Assistant Headteacher/Year 6 Teacher  

SENCO / Designated Safeguarding Lead  / Designated Teacher for Looked After Children - Miss K Aggus

 Miss C Johnson - Foundation Leader   
Mrs J Burton - Family Support Worker  Miss M Jago - Attendance Support Officer  
 Mr G Kuzniar - Site Manager    



Staff 2018


Mrs C Johnson Foundation Leader
Mrs R Dave Teaching Assistant
Mrs Y Hussain Teaching Assistant
Miss J Gascoigne F2 Teacher
Ms S Staniforth Teaching Assistant
Miss G Mcnally F2 Teacher
Miss M Thraves Teaching Assistant
YEAR 1  
Miss S Spencer Year 1 Teacher
Mrs L Hicklin Teaching Assistant
Miss O Wayne Year 1 Teacher
Ms K Bennardino Teaching Assistant
YEAR 2  
Mrs M Bester Assistant Headteacher (Year 2)
Mr M Flynn Teaching Assistant
Miss E Reay Year 2 Teacher
Mrs M Manzoor Teaching Assistant
YEAR 3  
Mr D Heaton Year 3 Teacher
Miss K Arif Teacher assistants
Miss L Kinkead Year 3 Teacher
Miss L Goodhead Teaching Assistant
YEAR 4  
Ms F Price Year 4 Teacher
Mr M Ramsey Teaching Assistant
Miss R Thomason Year 4 Teacher
  Teacher assistants
YEAR 5  
Miss H Mahmood Year 5 Teacher
Mrs L Talbot Teaching Assistant
Miss J Hamilton Year 5 Teacher
Miss E Campbell Teaching Assistant
YEAR 6  
Miss R Pickering Assistant Headteacher (Year 6)
Mrs J Hillyard Teaching Assistant
Mr J Whale Year 6 Teacher
Miss E O'Neill Teaching Assistant
Mr E Touray Teaching Assistant
Ms L Quarton Teaching Assistant
Mr A Rose P.E. Teacher
Mr L Dannheimer IT Technician
Mr G Kuzniar Site Manager
Ms A Edwards Bilingual Instructor
Mrs S Roberts EAL Teacher
Mrs A Drage MFL Teacher
Mrs I Mahmood Classroom Teacher 
Mr B Francis P.E. Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Dannheimer Business Manager
Mrs D Voce Administrator
Mrs M Tekelova Administrator
Mr G Singh Chef
Mrs G Key Assistant Cook
Miss J Peck Kitchen Assistant
Mrs J Kaur Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Y Camplin Kitchen Assistant
Miss E Noon Teaching Assistant Apprentice
Miss M Ursell Teaching Assistant Apprentice
Mr C Hunter Teaching Assistant Apprentice
Miss F Bramhall Teaching Assistant Apprentice 
Mr I Chambers Teaching Assistant Apprentice
Mrs A Musgrove Midday Supervisor
Mrs A Stagnitto Midday Supervisor
Mrs M Bradburn Midday Supervisor
Mrs N Ahmed Midday Supervisor
Mrs N Hussain Midday Supervisor
Mrs R Naheed Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Akhtar Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Hussain Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Perviaz Midday Supervisor
Mrs M Khantoon Midday Supervisor
Mrs A Bibi Midday Supervisor

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