Welcome toWindmill L.E.A.D. Academy

Igniting Minds; Shaping Futures

Our Vision

Through high expectations, we endeavour to instil in our learners a positive attitude that feeds a passion for life-long learning, a respect for self, others, diversity and the environment. We will deliver an inclusive curriculum that inspires, nurtures and develops the talents of all our learners. By establishing a welcoming, safe and innovative community, that empowers learners to think and work creatively and collaboratively, Windmill L.E.A.D. Academy will support children to become successful, honest citizens, who are curious to learn and adapt in an ever-changing world.

We want children to develop resilience and independence in all academic and social domains that can be transferred to the wider world in a respectful way. Windmill learners will be leaders of their own learning; kind, ambitious and confident builders of their futures. They will be critical thinkers who are reflective, which will enable them to have the courage to live independently and enrich their lives and the lives of others around them.

Our Values

These core values underpin our vision and everything we do at Windmill L.E.A.D. Academy. They help guide us to lead more meaningful lives through the choices we make and influence our attitudes and behaviours. Furthermore, we want these values to be the key characteristics of our learners.

Our Curriculum

Our Global Citizen Threads run through the curriculum. They comprise of:

To develop children’s life skills, we practise and integrate the Seven Survival Skills (Tony Wagner) into our curriculum delivery. These are:

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