School Council

Welcome to our School Council Page!

At Windmill, we are proud to have all our voices heard, respected and valued. We believe it is very important for ALL children to have a voice and know that their views and opinions count.

 Our School Council is a fantastic group of pupils from years 1-6 who are elected by their peers to represent them and their views. School Councillors are part of something called ‘Pupil Voice’, which is how we contribute to the decision making within our school. School Council is in place so that pupils at Windmill have a voice and are involved in discussions that involve all of their classmates in reaching democratic solutions. Pupils at Windmill know that this is their school and their thoughts and ideas matter.

Each class at Windmill elects a class representative for the School Council for that whole year and meet regularly. They then feedback to their class to let them know what has been discussed and decided.

‘Pupils enjoy positions of responsibility, such as serving on the Eco Council, Sports Council and School Council, and explain that this is a way of being democratic at their school and ensuring that everyone’s views are heard.’ (Ofsted, 2019)

Why do we have a School Council at Windmill?

– To improve the school according to the children’s point of view.

– To ensure each class has a platform to voice their opinions.

– To discuss and raise important and relevant issues.

Windmill’s School Council aims to encourage our children to:

 – Develop ambition and responsibility to make the most of their abilities.

– Prepare them to play a dynamic role as citizens using teamwork skills to bring the school together.

– Develop connections with the diversity at Windmill and respect the differences between people.

– Develop good relationships and listen to opinions and ideas of those around us.

We hold our meetings at least twice every half term in the intervention room behind the stage with Miss Hamilton (KS2) and Miss Spencer (KS1)

Our School Councillors for the 2020-2021 school year are:

Isa in Year 1

Abbas in Year 1

Kyran in Year 2

Angelo in Year 2

Oscar in Year 3

Jannat in Year 3

Mariab in Year 4

Fatimah in Year 4

Daniel in Year 5

Harmain in Year 5

Saim in Year 6

Evan in Year 6

The School Council policy outlines the aims, principles and strategies for the School Council at Windmill. This policy was formulated by the Link Teacher and School Council representatives. If you would like a copy of the School Council policy, you can ask at the school reception and they can provide one for you.

Below you will find our School Council Action plan for this year:

School Council Action Plan 2020-2021

Below you will find our meeting minutes from this year:

School Council Minutes – 03/03/2020

School Council Minutes – 14/02/2020

School Council Minutes – 31/01/2020

School Council Minutes – 17/01/2020

School Council Minutes – 13/12/2019

School Council Minutes – 29/11/2019

School Council Minutes – 19/11/2019

School Council Minutes – 08/11/2019

School Council Minutes – 11/10/2019

School Council Minutes – 27/09/2019

School Council Minutes – 13/09/2019

Below you will find a PowerPoint from our last governors meeting presenting what School Council has done:

Council Meeting PowerPoint – 08/05/2019


School Council has been learning different Makaton symbols in our meetings to then share with our classes. This helps us to communicate with children of all needs and keeps it consistent within the school. Here are the videos of some Makaton symbols below that we have been learning – can you try them at home?




Where (Question)

Snackmill – Grand Opening

School Council was very involved in the launch of Snackmill! We kept our classes up to date about developments, took their votes on the snacks being sold, helped design the signage and sold healthy snacks to the entire school in just under a half hour on our first day! Well done to all.

New Dinners Menu 2020

A new dinners menu was created by Gizmo after discussing and reflecting with School Council about the food on the menu. The School Councillors had a discussion with their classes to determine how they felt about the menu and if there were any changes or improvements that could be made. The changes that School Council suggested to Gizmo were made (more vegetarian options, all day breakfast and hot dogs) and the councillors were very pleased to see the opinions of all were considered and actioned.

Christmas Jumper Day and Raffle

School Council helped to organise, spread awareness in classes and raise money for the Save the Children charity. As a school, we raised £179.35.

School Council also helped with the Christmas Raffle, and together, as a school, we raised £71.26 to go towards charity.

Well done Windmill!

International Day

School Council helped to introduce the book ‘Every Child a Song’ to classes on International Day and explained the UN and the Rights of a Child and why this is important to learn and be aware of.

In our first meeting we decided on the poems that would be explored on National Poetry Day, choosing which poem we felt our year group would enjoy the most.