Digital Leaders

Who are Windmill’s Digital Leaders?

Digital Leaders are a group of children from Years 3- 6 that are elected annually by their classes. They assist their peers and staff with aspects of technology in the classroom, during assembles and in lunchbox clubs. They lead assemblies on E-Safety, take part in Safer Internet Day activities every February and attend regular meetings led by Miss Kerslake, our staff Digital Leader.  

What skills do children develop by being a Digital Leader?

Digital leaders develop their:

  • computing skills through attending regular meetings/training sessions on different aspects of technology;
  • teamwork skills/working with others;
  • problem solving skills;
  • leadership skills;
  • communication skills;
  • self-confidence.

What do Digital Leaders do?

Digital Leaders:

  • attend regular Digital Leaders meetings/training sessions;
  • take part in Safer Internet Day – February – leading assemblies for KS1 and KS2.
  • lead assemblies on E-Safety;
  • assist with technology in assemblies/lunchbox club on a rota basis;
  • assist with technology within class – such as handing out the I pads/switch on computers in the ICT suite;
  • communicate/listen to ideas from classes on aspects of technology from meetings attended;
  • report any issues with equipment/technology to their teacher.

What do you gain by being a Digital Leader?

By being a Digital Leader children:

  1. increase their confidence in their abilities to assist with technology – both to staff and their peers.
  2. increase their knowledge and awareness around aspects of E-Safety;
  3. enhance their knowledge and skills using different programmes in the curriculum.

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