Being a Member of the Windmill Team

Whether you are a leader, teacher, midday, site manager or a pupil, you are a valued member of the Windmill community. Here are some of the things that are said about our school by the staff and children…

Working at Windmill has given me fantastic opportunities. I started at Windmill as an Assistant Head and I am now Deputy Head. I’ve had many opportunities: I’ve trained as a coach, become a Leader of Excellence and I am currently completing further study towards a Masters Degree – this is on top of learning so much about the successful running of a large school, day-to-day. I have been supported at every turn. The best thing about Windmill is that we keep the children at the heart of everything we do.

Deputy Headteacher

I love the level of diversity present at Windmill and how each child respects, values and appreciates learning about different religions and cultures. The children at Windmill are always striving and reaching for the stars. They celebrate their achievements and are proud of the learning that takes place in the classroom.


All the staff have been extremely friendly, welcoming and supportive and have given me a positive start to my career.


I thoroughly enjoy my role as Phase Leader at Windmill Academy, it is a great mix of classroom teaching and leadership responsibility. I have had many opportunities to develop my skills through internal and external CPD and have felt extremely well supported in my role by the leadership team at Windmill. The coaching culture at Windmill encourages me to talk through any challenges I come across and supports me to problem solve and enables me to facilitate my team to do the same.

Phase Leader

After completing my teacher training SCITT in 2021, I started working at Windmill Academy as a first year Early Year Career Teacher. At this pivotal point of my career, it felt really important to me that I worked in an environment that supported me in my development and actively challenged me to improve my practice. From the moment I started, I have been encouraged and supported in so many ways. I know that no matter the concern or question, there will always be someone ready to help me. We have regular phase meetings, which tailor support directly to our age group; quality CPD that has provided me with knowledge linked directly to my ECT course and I have had allocated meetings with my amazing mentor to support me through my induction years. I have loved working at Windmill for the past two years and I am so excited to continue in my new year group.


Being part of the Windmill team has been an amazing journey, the level of passion I see on a day to day basis is nothing but inspiring. Everyone is very supportive and attentive, I truly enjoy being part of such an amazing team. I love seeing the progress, the development and the confidence I have made in my career.

Teaching Assistant

From humble beginnings as an apprentice, to becoming a teaching assistant, I am incredibly grateful for the invaluable experience I have received whilst pursuing an apprenticeship at Windmill. Each day spent as an apprentice has been a steppingstone towards mastery, guided by mentors who have generously shared their wisdom and expertise. As I embark on the path of teaching, I await the privilege of becoming a meaningful part of children’s education. Guiding them, nurturing their curiosity and witnessing their growth will be my greatest reward, as I believe that empowering young minds is the key to building a brighter future filled with endless possibilities.

Teaching Assistant

Being part of the Windmill family is wonderful. Everyone here has supported me to progress through my career in teaching, starting at Windmill four years ago as a Teaching Assistant and now continuing my journey by doing my PGCE to become a qualified teacher. The opportunities at Windmill are endless and I love working with such an inspiring and motivating team.

Teaching Assistant

I love seeing the children having a great start to the day enjoying freshly baked bagels, fresh fruit and cereal at breakfast club.

Kitchen Team Member

There is nothing better than seeing the children enjoy a nutritious meal served to them from Mexican Quorn pasta bake with garlic bread and salad to a cottage pie with pear crumble and vanilla custard! Lots of smiles all around. This is my 16th year working here at the Windmill kitchen and its fab!

Kitchen Team Member

This is what the pupils of Windmill think about our school:

Windmill includes everyone regardless of what they look like and what disabilities they may have.

Everyone is shared and cared for and welcomed.

Windmill includes a wide range of people – all different faiths and cultures are welcomed.

Windmill is diverse and we are taught to respect all beliefs, religions, cultures and the way people look – we do not judge anyone.

I love the way in which the teachers care about the pupils’ voice and how we can become more involved in the learning and the school.

Windmill values shine in each class, and they help us to behave in the right way.

I love how we are given our freedom – we are taught to be independent, speak up and have fun when learning.

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