English as an Additional Language

At Windmill L.E.A.D. Academy, we have a specialist EAL teacher and a bilingual assistant, who provide additional lessons for children whose home language is not English. 

We have 39 languages spoken by our children, we feel very privileged and proud of this rich cultural heritage in our school community. The website links below can be used at home to share and enjoy songs and stories in a range of languages.

Click here to find out about our Meet and Speak Club for parents/carers at Windmill.

Click here to find out about our Language Exchange Club


Here you can find video stories with subtitles in many languages.


Here you can find short stories in English with another language in parallel.  


This is a children’s library of books in multiple languages.


This is the Rosetta Children’s Library with translations of online books.


This website has world stories in many languages.

Please read our booklet for parent/carers who speak English as an Additional Language. We have produced this booklet to make information about our school as accessible as possible 

Parent Handbook