L.E.A.D. Multi-Academy Trust

L.E.A.D. Multi-Academy Trust comprises of twenty five academies across Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Lincoln and Sheffield.

Windmill L.E.A.D. Academy officially opened its doors as a new school on February 1st 2013, replacing the previous Windmill Primary School. Windmill is a sponsored academy and is part of the L.E.A.D. Multi-Academy Trust.

At the heart of our Trust is the development of outstanding leaders. We empower individuals in our schools to provide the highest quality education, enabling every pupil to realise their full potential. We have also been recognised by Ofsted as a leading academy sponsor, securing rapid and sustainable improvement through the research and application of best practice across operational areas.

The combination of autonomy and collaboration across key areas of leadership and management underpinned by shared vision, values and best practice positions L.E.A.D. as a truly unique Academy Trust.

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Our Vision

Through outstanding leadership we, at the L.E.A.D. Multi-Academy Trust, will provide the highest quality education to enable every pupil to realise their full potential. This is our overarching vision for Windmill L.E.A.D. Academy.

Our Principles

To achieve our vision we prioritise the four core principles for which our name stands:

Lead ~ to show the way; to be first or foremost.

In every aspect of life the ability to lead is essential. Strong leadership is the key to the success of our schools. We will develop leadership skills in everyone who attends one of them, ensuring the development of pupils as leaders of their own learning.

Empower ~ to give power to; to enable.

At L.E.A.D. Multi-Academy Trust schools pupils are empowered to have high aspirations for their futures. We nurture and challenge pupils to take responsibility, make decisions and work together so they grow into confident and resilient young people.

Achieve ~ to accomplish; to get or attain by effort.

We believe in achievement in its broadest sense and that enjoyment of learning is crucial to success. We continually look for and reward achievement in every individual in our schools. We also know that a strong command of English and maths is vital as a foundation for the whole curriculum and prioritise learning in these core subjects.

Drive ~ to cause and guide progress; to impel forward

We will provide the very best education and training for every individual in our schools and will ensure that this is delivered. We value excellent teaching, underpinned by high quality professional development and will constantly move forwards, using and instigating the best ideas and practice. We also understand that children need to be motivated if they are to succeed in life and we will provide a stimulating curriculum and environment which will prepare them for their futures with confidence and determination.


One of the core priorities for the L.E.A.D. Academy Trust is the development of outstanding school leaders. We are dedicated to providing an organisation which will:

  • develop inspirational school leaders for the future through high quality recruitment, professional development and coaching
  • invest in joint training, peer coaching, sharing good practice and professional dialogue in a climate of trust
  • continually improve, exploring new ways of working, alternative curriculums and innovation;
  • strategically plan to produce the next generation of high quality school leaders.

L.E.A.D. Teaching School Hub

The L.E.A.D. Teaching School Hub is a dynamic, cross-phase collaboration of schools committed to harnessing, nurturing and sharing the specific skills and attributes required to teach and lead in areas with diverse pupil populations. Everything we do in our schools is about providing children with an outstanding, broad and balanced education.

Our innovative Initial Teaching Training (ITT) route aims to increase the number of quality teachers in our schools.  In addition, we offer a range of high quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for staff at all levels and tailored school-to-school support. We are keen to nurture and grow staff across our alliance and offer a range of opportunities to develop the leaders of tomorrow. By working in partnership with The University of Nottingham and other regional Universities, we are also creating a research culture within our alliance that will impact positively on teaching, learning and the achievement of young people.


L.E.A.D. Academy Trust provide a range of high quality, professional services to schools in nine core areas:

Financial Management

Project Management


ICT Management

Human Resources

Leadership Development

Legal Support

Governor Support


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To find out more about what it is like being part of L.E.A.D. Academy Trust, please go to our ‘Working at Windmill’ section.