Supporting you and your child with school attendance

At Windmill Academy, we understand the importance of attending school regularly for our pupils. It is critical to their academic achievement, mental and emotional well-being, and prepares them for life beyond primary – and even secondary – education.

We want to ensure that all of our pupils are attending school as often as possible, allowing them to benefit fully from their school experience. Throughout the year, we provide plenty of opportunities for our students to learn important life skills and build meaningful relationships in the school community. We actively encourage the development of critical skills such as problem-solving, self-belief, creativity, confidence, leadership, teamwork, and collaboration.

In addition, we offer prizes and rewards for pupils and classes who maintain high attendance records throughout the year – including free class breakfasts, medals and termly class trips! We also have an attendance cup which is awarded to the class with the best attendance each week.

However, we understand that sometimes circumstances can have an adverse impact on a child’s attendance, which is why we strive to provide support to parents who have concerns about their child’s attendance, whatever those concerns may be. We strongly encourage parents to contact their child’s teacher or our school’s attendance officer, Melanie Jago, to discuss any issues and allow us to start working together to find solutions.

By creating a dialogue between parents, children, and the school, we can more easily identify and understand the issues your child may be facing. This allows for targeted interventions that address the root causes of the child’s absence, and provide meaningful support for the whole family.

We are committed to creating a positive and supportive environment that helps children thrive, and believe that regular attendance at school can provide children the opportunity to thrive far beyond academic study. 

If you have any concerns at all about your child’s attendance, and would like to speak to a member of staff about how we can support you and your family, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To contact the school office:

E: [email protected] 

P: 0115 915 0195

To speak to our Attendance Officer, Melanie Jago:

E: [email protected] 

P: 07458 105645