During this time of school closures, we are working to ensure that your child is able to continue education through learning at home. We have a range of ways your child can continue to access educational resources: homework projects posted there on the ‘Homework’ page, homework learning packs collected from school and through our on-line learning platform Seesaw.

We will continue to provide learning for our Windmill children throughout this challenging time and hope that you will enjoy spending time learning with your children. Please do not hesitate to ring the school on 0115 9150195, if you need to speak to a member of staff to advise you on homework.

Please look on the Remote Learning page for more detailed information about how we are supporting children during lockdown.

Its can be hard to ensure your children stay motivated at home, so here are some lovely L.E.A.D. awards to help!

Click the link below:

L.E.A.D. Certificates

Here is a wonderful story to aid your children in understanding the current situation with coronavirus. Please take the time to read this with your children. Thank You!

Dave the Dog and Coronavirus

Seesaw On-line Learning

Every child has a log in for Seesaw. These are sent out to parents/carers by text message. If you have not received one, please ring the office on 0115 9150195 and our admin team will sort this our for you.

The platform is easy to use, you can go to https://web.seesaw.me/remote-learning for step-by-step instructions. Teachers post will work on Seesaw every day during lockdown for children to complete. Children can communicate with their teachers via this website and share their homework.

Homework Projects

Clicking on the year group specific link below will provide you with a PDF file. Each of these has links to useful, educational websites relevant to your child’s learning.

Home Learning Projects

Foundation 1 Set 1

Foundation 1 Set 2

Foundation 1 Set 4

Foundation 2 Set 1

Foundation 2 Set 2

Foundation Set 4

EYFS Set 3

Year 1 Set 1

Year 1 Set 2

Year 1 Set 3

Year 1 Set 4

Year 2 Set 1

Year 2 Set 2

Year 2 Set 3

Year 2 Set 4

Year 3 Set 1

Year 3 Set 2

Year 3 Set 3

Year 3 Set 4

Year 4 Set 1

Year 4 Set 2

Year 4 Set 3

Year 4 Set 4

Year 5 Set 1

Year 5 Set 2

Year 5 Set 3

Year 5 Set 4

Year 6 Set 1

Year 6 Set 2

Year 6 Set 3

Year 6 Set 4

English as an additional language

Please find below lists of websites and some direct links to help your child , and yourselves, with their English. These will be updated fortnightly in line with Our Home Learning Projects.

Set 1

Set 2

Snappy Maths


ESL Videos

Learn English

Mes – Game

Keep Moving! It’s very important that, while we are all at home, we keep up with regular exercise. Below you will find a daily exercise plan for your child (and you!) created by Mr. Rose and Nottingham City, as well as some links to some wonderful websites on how we can stay active during this time.

P.E. Bingo 1

P.E. Bingo 2

Rise to the Challenge – beat Mr. Rose

School Games – Golf

Windmill Daily Workout Set 2

Home PE Ideas Set 2

Windmill Daily Workout Set 1

Keep Moving Websites

Home PE Ideas Set 1

Balloon Olympics

English Resources

Here at some wonderful English Resources to help you at home

Pie Corbett Literacy Hour

Creative English Stimuli

Mathematics Resources

Click Here for some great Youtube video links to help your child keep up with their maths learning at home

Reddy Made Maths


Below are some great links for online music lessons provided by Nottingham Music Hub

Digital lessons for all students

Year 4, 5 and 6 students

Year 6 Students working toward Grade 1

Year 6 students with instruments at home

Practical Learning Ideas

For a full range of practical learning ideas, visit our Twitter page .